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The Helene Hale Collection:
International Women of Courage

   This collection of biographies and history features women in America and around the world (current and historical), who have been inspiring examples of achievement, advocacy, leadership, and community service.

   The collection was launched on June 25, 2005, in honor of Representative Helene Hilyer Hale, Member, Hawaii State House of Representatives, District No. 4, and Chairperson of the Committee on International Affairs.  The collection also recognizes Rep. Hale’s lifelong interest in international affairs and world peace, her pioneering political career, and extensive community leadership and service.
 It is housed in the Hilo Public Library, 300 Waianuenue Ave., Hilo, Hawaii

    Opened in June 2005, the HELENE HALE COLLECTION was launched with approximately 40 books about women of achievement and advocacy around the world.  The collection is underwritten by Marcus and Indira Hale Tucker to honor Mrs. Tucker’s mother, the Hon. Helene Hale, member of the Hawaii State House of Representatives, for her pioneering political career, extensive community activism and leadership, and lifelong interest in international affairs and world peace.
    The purposes of the Collection are to educate students about the contributions of women and to inspire women, particularly young women, to participate in improving their communities.

This book list covers several categories of books in the collection:  Geographical Regions, Career Areas, and Biographies.


A.    America

1.        920.72  Hu
  AMERICAN HEROINES:  the spirited women who  shaped our country by Kay Bailey Hutchison.
2.        920.7  Re
     THE BOOK OF WOMEN’S FIRSTS:  breakthrough  achievement of almost 1000 American women  by Phyllis J. Read and Bernard L. Witlieb.
3.        973.3092  Ro
     FOUNDING MOTHERS:  the women who raised our  nation by Cokie Roberts.

  4.    H  920.72  Stone
       LIVING LEGACY:  outstanding Japanese women of the 20th century in Hawaii by Scott C.S. Stone.  Features 51 women who have contributed to the betterment of society—locally, nationally, and worldwide.
5.    H  305.89607  Th
     THEY FOLLOWED THE TRADE WINDS:  African Americans in Hawaii ed. By Miles M. Jackson.  This is the only book in the Collection which does not focus exclusively on women.  It is included because it contains a brief profile on Helene Hale’s (she is part African American) political career.
6.    305.42097  Evans
         TIDAL WAVE:  how women changed America at century’s end by Sara M. Evans.  A look at the 1960s through 2000 and how American  women have achieved full and equal  citizenship, opportunities, and personal freedoms.

7.    920.72097  We
     WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN WOMEN Merriam-Webster staff.  1100 biographies of notable American women.

8.    305.40979 Women
       WOMEN IN PACIFIC NORTHWEST HISTORY (revised edition) ed. by Karen J. Blair.  This anthology of 13 essays address issues of women’s suffrage, women’s work, race, ethnicity, and the arts in the Pacific Northwest.
B.  Mexico and Central America
1.       305.48974  Wo
        WOMEN OF CHIAPAS:  making history in times  of struggle and hope ed. By Christine Eber and Christine Kovic.
2.       nidb
        STILL FIGHTING: the Nicaraguan Women's Movement, 1977-2000 by Katherine Isbester.  The women's movement began as a protest against dictatorship.  Through resistance, strategy, and faith, the movement today is a powerful and influential force for improving women's lives stretching from grassroots to the national level..
C.  Asia
1.        305.42095 Beard
        THE FORCE OF WOMEN IN JAPANESE HISTORY by Mary R. Beard.  Recounts influential women in Japan from pre-historic times to the 1950s. 

2.        305.4095  Ra
        WOMEN IN ASIA:  restoring women to history  by Barbara N. Ramusack and Sharon Sievers.
D.    Middle East
            305.42095  Be
        VEILED COURAGE:  inside the Afghan women’s resistance by Cheryl Benard.  RAWA continues Meena’s legacy of providing education,             employment training, and healthcare for women and promoting democracy in post- Taliban Afghanistan.

E.    Africa
         333.75153  Maathai
        THE GREEN BELT MOVEMENT:  sharing approach and the experience by  Wangari Maathai.  Maathai is the winner of the 2004 Nobel Pece Prize.  This Kenyan woman tells  the inspiring story of people working at the grassroots level to improve their environment, while working toward democracy and worldwide peace.
F.    Worldwide
1.   nidb
     THE BOOK OF LATINA WOMEN: 150 vidas of passion, strength, and success by Sylvia Mendoza.  Vignettes of Latina women in a broad array of careers and activism from all periods of history. 

2.   920.00917  Mernissi

     THE FORGOTTEN QUEENS OF ISLAM by Fatima Mernissi.  Research on 15 past and forgotten female rulers of Islamic states. 

3.   920.72089  Ta
     REMARKABLE JEWISH WOMEN:  rebels, rabbis, and other women from biblical times to the present by Emily Taitz and Sondra Henry.
4.   920.72  Sa
     WOMAN RULER:  woman rule by Elin Sand.  A  collection of stories with illustrations that portrays women who have ruled their people and the cultures of these influential women.

5.   920.72  Knight
     WOMEN WHO LOVE BOOKS TOO MUCH: bibliophiles, bluestockings & prolific pens from the Algonquin Hotel to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Brenda Knight.  This collection of profiles offers a look at women who would not be held back from being creative, being political, and breaking new ground.
1.    940.54757  Mo
     AND IF I PERISH:  frontline U.S. Army nurses in World War II by Evelyn M. Monahan and Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee.
2.    H 320.082 Called
       CALLED FROM WITHIN: early women lawyers of Hawai’i ed. by Mari J. Matsuda.  These 17 women are characterized by “a daring, a sense of adventure, an original personality, and a creative response to the restrictions” of society.

3.    978  Jo
     COWGIRLS:  women of the American West by Teresa Jordan.
4.  813.52  Re
   GIRL SLEUTH:  Nancy Drew and the women who created her by Melanie Rehak.  Edward Stratemeyer invented the fictional author—Carolyn Keene—of the wildly popular Nancy Drew detective series inaugurated in 1929, but two women were responsible for most of the direction and content of the stories             (Mildred Wirt Benson and Harriet Stratemeyer) that encouraged young women        to be adventurous and use their intelligence to solve problems.

5.    629.13092  Ja
      HEROES WITHOUT LEGACY:  American airwomen, 1912-1944 by Dean Jaros.  Historical overview of pioneering women pilots.
6.   509.22052  My
     MY LIFE: twenty Japanese women scientists ed. by Yoshihide Kozai et al.  Essays by twenty Saruhashi Prize winners "give hope, dreams, and courage to women scientists."  The prize is awarded annually to a woman scientist in Japan who has made a significant contribution to natural sciences and shown influential leadership. 

7.     305.43  Jo
      A WOMAN’S PLACE IS EVERYWHERE: inspirational profiles of female leaders who are expanding the roles of American women by Lindsey Johnson and Jackie Joyner-Kersee.  30 modern American women in wide-ranging careers.
8.    704.042  He
      WOMEN ARTISTS:  an illustrated history by Nancy G. Heller.
9.    709.2  Da
      WOMEN ARTISTS OF THE WEST:  five portraits in creativity and courage by JulieDanneberg.
10.    796.357  Be
      WOMEN IN BASEBALL:  the forgotten history by Gai Ingham Berlage.  Overview covers 1866 to 1952 when women were officially banned from professional baseball.

11.    629.45008  Shayler
     WOMEN IN SPACE: following Valentina by David J.Shayler and Ian Moule.  Chronicles Tereshkova’s mission in 1963 to contemporary times.  This book celebrates women’s achievements in space.
12.    910.8  St
      WOMEN OF THE WORLD:  women travelers and explorers by Rebecca Stefoff.  Profiles of 9 daring, yet unknown 19th/early 20th century explorers.

1.   B  ADDAMS  El
      JANE ADDAMS AND THE DREAM OF AMERICAN             DEMOCRACY:  a life by Jean Bethke Elshtain.  A wide-ranging activist in addition to her more famous work with Hull House in Chicago.

2.     B ALBRIGHT  Al
       Madeleine Albright.  MADAM SECRETARY by Madeleine Albright.  First woman U.S. Secretary of State, appointed by President William Clinton.

3.    B  ANDERSON  Ke
       MARIAN ANDERSON:  a singer’s journey by Allan Keiler.  Trailblazing African American opera and classical singer of  worldwide renown also known as the foremost  interpreter of the Finnish composer  Sibelius.

4.     B  ASHRAWI  Vi
        Hannah Ashrawi.  A VOICE OF REASON:  Hannah Ashrawi and peace in the Middle East by Barbara Victor.  Credited with refocusing the Palestine Liberation Organization from a guerilla movement into a political player.

5.    B  BELL  Wa
       Gertrude Bell.  DESERT QUEEN:  the extraordinary life of Gertrude Bell,         adventurer, adviser to kings, ally of  Lawrence of Arabia by Janet Wallach.             Advisor to Arab leaders and the British government, this Englishwoman helped to    create modern Iraq in the post WWI conferences on the fate of the Middle East.

6.      B DEBO  Le
         ANGIE DEBO:  pioneering historian by Shirley A. Leckie.  Pioneer in history writing about American Indian and regional history resulting in development of national law and court cases involving American Indians.

7.      B  DELLA ROVERE  Mu
         Felice della Rovere.  THE POPE’S DAUGHTER: the extraordinary life of Felice della Rovere by Caroline Murphy.  “The illegitimate daughter of Pope Julius II, Felice della Rovere became one of the most powerful and accomplished women of the Italian Renaissance.”
8.      B  FEINSTEIN  Ro
         DIANNE FEINSTEIN:  never let them see you cry by Jerry Roberts.  First woman mayor of San Francisco and California’s first woman U.S. Senator.

9.      B  GORDON  Go
         Beate Sirota Gordon.  THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE  ROOM:  a memoir by Beate Sirota Gordon.  Author of the women’s rights section of the post WW II Japanese Constitution.

10.     305.235  Fr
         Erin Gruwell.  THE FREEDOM WRITERS DIARY:  how a teacher and 150 teens used writing to change themselves and the world around them by the Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell. Story of an extraordinary teacher and her        discoveries on how to motivate her inner city, low achieving students to academic    success.  She now trains teachers in her methods.

11.   B  HAMER  Mi
        Fannie Lou Hamer.  THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE:  the life of Fannie Lou Hamer by Kay Mills.  One of the most famous civil rights activists in Mississippi in the 1960s-70s.

12.    932.014  Hatshepsut
         HATSHEPSUT:  from queen to pharaoh ed. by Catherine H. Roehrig.  Catalog of the exhibition by the same title.  Investigates the “impact of Hatshepsut’s reign on the history, culture, and splendid artistic output of ancient Egypt.”

13.    B  HUGHES  Hu
         Karen Hughes.  TEN MINUTES FROM NORMAL by Karen Hughes.  President G.W. Bush’s former communications director, a pioneering role  for women in the political field.

14.    B  HUTCHINSON  La
         Anne Hutchinson.  AMERICAN JEZEBEL:  the  uncommon life of Anne Hutchinson, the woman who defied the Puritans by Eve LaPlante. Expelled from Massachusetts in the early 1600s for her unorthodox religious views and leadership, she and her followers moved to Rhode Island, where she became the only           woman to found an American colony (with co-founder Roger Williams).

15.    B  ISHIGAKI  Is
        Ayako Ishigaki.  RESTLESS WAVE:  my life in two worlds, a memoir by Ayako Ishigaki.Feminist, journalist, lecturer, author, activist in both Japan and America.

16.    B  KATO  Ho
         KATO SHIDZUE:  a Japanese feminist by Helen M. Hopper.  Pioneering activist for Japanese women’s rights from the 1920s on.

17.     B KIM  Ch
          Dora Yum Kim.  DOING WHAT HAD TO BE DONE:  the life narrative of Dora Yum Kim by Soo-Young Chin.  Story of an American-born Korean woman and remarkable community  activist.
18.     979.40049  Kochiyama  Fu
         Yuri Kochiyama.  HEARTBEAT OF STRUGGLE:  the revolutionary life of Yuri Kochiyama by Diane C. Fujino.  Biography of Kochiyama, a courageous woman and the most prominent  Asian American activist to emerge from the 1960s.

19.    305.8956  Kochiyama  Ko
        Yuri Kochiyama   PASSING IT ON: a memoir by Yuri Kochiyama.  An activist in a tremendous variety of human rights struggles from the 1950s to 1990s.  From  Japanese American reparations to friend/ally of Malcolm X, to women’s movement, Puerto Rican independence.

20.    B LABASTILLE  LaBastille
         Anne LaBastille  WOODSWOMAN by Anne LaBastille.  The compelling story of how one woman single-handedly met the challenge of the wilderness.           

21.    nidb
         Wangari Maathai  UNBOWED: a memoir by Wangari Maathai.  Political activist, feminist, and environmentalist from Kenya.  A gripping account of modern Africa's trials and triumphs.

22.      B  MANKILLER  Ma
          MANKILLER:  a chief and her people by Wilma Mankiller and Michael Wallis.  First woman principal chief of the Cherokee Nation and  continuing activist on behalf of American Indians.

23.      916.76  Ma
           Beryl Markham  WEST WITH THE NIGHT by Beryl Markham.  Memoir by the first professional woman pilot in Africa.

24.      B  MARTINEZ  Ba
           VIOLA MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA PAIUTE:  living in two worlds by Diana Meyers Bahr.  First California Indian to complete graduate school.  After much opposition in the1920s, she became a teacher.

25.      B  MEENA  Ch
           MEENA, heroine of Afghanistan:  the martyr who founded RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan by Melody Ermachild Chavis.  A 20 year old  Kabul University student, Meena founded  RAWA to educate women and fight Taliban oppression.  [Note:  VEILED COURAGE:           inside the Afghan women’s resistance by  Cheryl Benard.  RAWA continues Meena’s legacy.]

26.    B  NIGHTINGALE  Dossey
         FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: mystic, visionary, healer by Barbara Montgomery Dossey.  The life story of the trailblazing professional Florence Nightingale, a towering genius of both intellect and spirit.

27.      B  PACKARD  Sa
           Elizabeth Packard.  THE PRIVATE WAR OF MRS. PACKARD by Barbara Sapinsley.  “The dramatic story of the 19th century feminist  who lobbied for laws to protect wives from husbands who could commit them to mental  institutions without legitimate cause.” Responsible for changes in the laws of 31 states.

28.      B  POCAHONTAS  Al
           POCAHONTAS:  medicine woman, spy, entrepreneur, diplomat by Paula Gunn Allen. A new look at the many leadership roles of  this American legend.

29.     B  REED  Ma
          Alma Reed.  PASSIONATE PILGRIM:  the extraordinary life of Alma Reed by  Antoinette May.  Journalist whose advocacy  changed the death penalty in California and uncovered archaeological treasures in Mexico and elsewhere.

30.      B  RICHARDS  Sh
           Ann Richards.  THE THORNY ROSE OF TEXAS:  an  intimate portrait of Governor Ann Richards by Mike Shropshire and Frank Schaefer.  The second woman governor of Texas, active in civil rights and feminist causes.

31     B  ROOSEVELT  Ro
         THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ELEANOR ROOSEVELT by  Eleanor Roosevelt.  Activist presidential wife who continued her involvement in human      rights causes after the death of her husband.

32.    610.73089  Seacole  Ro
         MARY SEACOLE: the most famous black woman of  the Victorian age by Jane Robinson.  Born in  Jamaica in 1805, Mary Seacole combined herbal             remedies of her African heritage with western surgical techniques.  She built the British Hotel (Crimea) to nurse the wounded during the Crimean War.

33.     nidb
          Lynn Sherr.  OUTSIDE THE BOX:  a memoir by Lynn Sherr.  Funny, smart, poignant.  More than a memoir, a  superb history of television news and many of the greate events of the last third of the twentieth century.

34.     nidb
         Maida Springer  CONVERSATIONS WITH MAIDA SPRINGER: a personal history of labor, race, and international relations by Yvette Richards.  A pioneering labor leader in her own owrds.  Introduces this activist whose struggle for fairness, dignity and racial justice in the U.S. and Africa spanned 50 years.

35.    nidb
        MAIDA SPRINGER: pan-Africanist and international labor leader by Yvette Richards.  One of the few women labor leaders, Springer joined a union in 1933 and rose to become an important leader in the AFL-CIO, International Affairs Dept., and an advisor to African labor movements.

36.      813.54  Ta
          Amy Tan.  THE OPPOSITE OF FATE:  a book of  musings by Amy Tan.  Author of The joy luck club and The kitchen god’s wife and other writings which explore universal themes through the lives of Chinese immigrants to America.

37.      759.972  VARO  Ka
           Remedios Varo   UNEXPECTED JOURNEYS:  the art and life of Remedios Varo  by Janet A. Kaplan.  Spanish artist, moved to Paris and joined the Surrealist art movement,  then to Mexico where she gained  recognition.
38.      YA  940.5318  Velmans-Van Hessen 
           Edith Velmans-Van Hessen.  EDITH’S STORY by Edith Velmans-Van Hessen.  During the terror of Nazi rule in Holland, a Christian family took in a Jewish teen and successfully passed her off as a member of  their family.  Later Edith came to America  and became a psychologist.  A story of unbelievable courage on all sides.

39.     759.4  Vigee-Lebrun  Ma
          ELISABETH VIGEE LE BRUN:  the odyssey of an artist in an age of revolution by Gita May.Vigee Le Brun (1735 – 1842) was the foremost woman artist of her time, who specialized in portraits.  Her career took her from France to Italy to Vienna to Russia and London.  Biography of a skilled, prolific, successful artist who supported  herself and coped with the vicissitudes of  life with spirit.

40.      B  WALKER  Bu
           Madam C.J. Walker.  ON HER OWN GROUND:  the   life and times of Madam C.J. Walker by  A’Lelia Bundles.  Legendary African American entrepreneur and philanthropist,  thought to be the first self-made female millionaire in America (early 1900s).

41.      B  WALKER  Ma
           Maggie Lena Walker.  A RIGHT WORTHY GRAND MISSION:  Maggie Lena Walker and the quest  for black economic empowerment by Gertrude Woodruff Marlowe.  First woman to found and head a chartered bank in America (1903).  The bank survives today in Richmond, Virginia.  Vigorously promoted entrepreneur-ship for women in the early 1900s.  Also active in civil rights and women’s suffrage.

42.      H  B  WILCOX  Hughes
          Elsie Wilcox  WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST: the life and times of Elsie Wilcox by Judith Dean Gething Hughes.  Wilcox was the first woman elected to the Hawaii Territorial Senate in 1932.  Although she wsa defeated in 1940, Wilcox was active on the island of Kauai on behalf of women's and childrens' issues and education almost all her adult life. 

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